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getting started

It’s simple to get cooking with Wildtree

At this point you have decided to join Wildtree’s fast growing field. We are thrilled to have you!
For only $49.95, you'll receive a New Representative Business Kit that will provide you with everything that you need to get started. Here are the steps to help you get going:

1.  Use our Contact Us form to request a Wildtree Representative Agreement Form.

2.  Set a date for your business launch party at your home.

3.  You will receive an email from Home Office with your Representative ID number and password.

4.  As soon as you receive your rep ID, start reading the wealth of information on the "Come In
     Reps" section of MyWildtree.com's Resource Center. Print off forms that you will need. Get
     familiar with the Wildtree information that is there to help you succeed.

5.  Print off the contact list form and fill it out with everyone you want to invite to your Business
     Launch Party. This form is a great way for you to write out an invitation list for your
     Business Launch Party.

6.  Grab a phone and start sharing the good news with your friends. Invite them to come
     experience first hand how wonderful and fun a Wildtree party can be by inviting them
     to your business launch.

7.  Once you receive your New Representative Business Kit you will have everything you need.

Congratulations and welcome to Wildtree!

Income Opportunities at Wildtree
Income Opportunities at Wildtree
Income Opportunities at Wildtree
Income Opportunities at Wildtree
Income Opportunities at Wildtree
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