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Coconut Oil for Cooking

organic coconut oil

Add natural, nutritious, exotic flair to your next dish

This delicious superfood will change the way you cook forever. It can be used for oven roasting, pan frying, and in place of butter in many baking recipes. In addition to its exotic flavor, coconut oil has an endless list of health benefits. Still not impressed? Incorporate this diverse product into your beauty regimen and enjoy various cosmetic benefits as well.

Wildtree Organic Coconut Oil

Health and Science

• Coconut oil is 86.5% saturated fatty acid. 1

• 58.1% of the saturated fatty acids are medium chain fatty acids 1 which compose medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs). 2

• Although the prevailing advice for the past 50+ years has been to avoid and reduce saturated fat, recent studies show that certain types of saturated fat (like MCTs) can be beneficial to health.

- Firstly, a diet rich in MCTs has been shown to potentially "... reduce body weight and fat in individuals...more than the LCT [long chain triglyceride] diet." 5
- Secondly, MCTs result in a greater loss of adipose tissue (body fat) "...perhaps due to increased energy expenditure...observed with MCT intake" 6

• As part of a balanced diet, plus exercise, using coconut oil in the place of a selection of other fats or oils has been shown to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity. 3

USDA Organic Coconut Oil Shop for Wildtree Coconut Oil


• Coconut oil can be used in most applications that call for oils, with the exception of deep frying. (Coconut oil has a low smoke point
of 350°F). 4

• With some recipe modifications, coconut oil can be used in place of butter in many baking applications. (the ratio isn't always 1:1 because butter is 85% fat and coconut oil is 100%).

• Try roasting your vegetables in coconut oil for southeast Asian dishes or to add a coconut flair to any meal.

• Pan fry the vegetables in coconut oil for Wildtree's Tikka Masala to add a little extra punch of flavor!

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